Swarm & Bee Rescue

Swarm and Bee Removal

Do you have a honey bee swarm in your yard? Contact us for a free removal. We only offer free removals for swarms that have not moved into a building or structure. Once they have moved into a structure, there will be a charge to remove them. We only provide this service for the Starkville, MS area. 

We work hard to save as many bees as possible. We do live removals without the use of pesticides or other chemicals for bees. We will relocate the bees to our bee hives in our apiary.

If you have a bee swarm, don't be afraid or panic. Honey bees in a swarm are not likely to sting you if you leave them alone. Honey bee colonies are dying in record numbers, and by calling us to come collect the bees you can increase the likelihood the bees will survive. One in four colonies in un-forested areas do not survive. Help us save our local honey bees.

When you contact us please provide us 
1. Your name and phone number
2. Your city and address where the bees are located
3. Give a brief description of the swarm so we know what to bring. Are they in a tree or bush? How high of the ground are they? How long have they been there?