Beginning Beekeeper Mentorships


Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper or an existing beekeeper looking for guidance? 

 We offer custom mentorships that can take you through an entire season of treatment free beekeeping practices. We can help you get started even if you do not have bees or a hive. It is still highly recommended that you take a Basic Beekeeping course before you get your own bees. I will help guide you through the process of getting your equipment, your bees, installing them in the hive and managing them throughout the year. We will do hive inspections together until you are comfortable doing them on your own.  If you already have bees, we will work together to refine some of the things you have questions about such as queen management, extracting, winterizing, and more. Cost is $60/ hour with phone calls being $30/hr, and additional travel charges may apply if you are out of town.

Visit our contact page to set up an appointment to get started.