Vaginal Steam Therapy

How does Vaginal Steam Therapy work? It involves sitting or squatting over a pot of steaming herbs. Vaginal steam therapy is not only a wonderful self care practice, but it can also help relieve vaginal infection, dryness, bacteria, menstrual cramping, short cycles, long cycles, and many other gynecological issues. Vaginal steam therapy is for every woman post menarchy or your first period, until the end of life whether you have a uterus or not. Visit the contact page to let me know if you would like to set up an appointment for a personal vaginal steaming ceremony/session or to set up a phone consultation. Local in-home sessions are $60 or two people for $50 and over the phone consultations are $35. Through your in person or phone session with me, I will help to craft a plan for your steaming schedule and guide you on which herbs would be best for you. We will talk herbs for your constitution and help you come up with a plan depending on your goals. After you contact me, I will send you an intake form, and then we will schedule a phone call and/or in-home session.