It takes a bee around 6-8 lbs of honey to make one 1 lb of wax. Bees must visit 2 million flowers to collect enough nectar to   produce 1 lb of honey. On average a bee only produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. 

I take my time and put much gratitude and care in the production of my candles. It takes about 3 days of melting and cleaning wax and infusing oils to produce my hand crafted candles. I enjoy each part of the process, and I keep in mind all the hard work and dedication that it took for the bees to produce this beautiful golden wax. Each candle is made with the intention of celebrating the bees, the flowers, the sun, and Mother Earth’s abundance. When you light one of these candles, do so with the awareness of how the sacred bee works to keep the world in a bounty of food and flowers. Send gratitude and love to all the bees, for without them our world would not be as beautiful or nearly as sweet.

Bees collect tree resins and turn the resin into propolis which serves as the immune system for the bees. Bees’ wax candles help to clean the indoor air environment, and I have infused the wax with more propolis and local pine resin to enhance these     properties. The candles are made from wax and propolis from my top bar hives and two other treatment free MS beekeepers as well as organic coconut oil.